Infos du 14 décembre 2015

Voici des nouvelles du Népal avec le compte-rendu des décisions prises par le comité de village quant à la répartition des premiers dons relayés par l'association.

[Chhetup TAMANG - 30 novembre 2015]

Hello Pierre,

Good morning, Yes, I know you are working very hard for association. Thanks a lot from me and all victim people. I am thinking more seriously here how we can make balance distribution for the real victims of my village and my company workers who have been working with you. As I told you that there are many victims in village, if we give for some one and we don't give for some one, there will be controversy and some time victims fight each other. So, it was very difficult for me to give the decision what can I do with this money.

I did great evaluation this morning, I have done a meeting very seriously with a local co-coordinator of section 5 Mr. Bhakta Lama and Sunil Kumar Lama, your Mustang guide. We decided to give this money for the dalits (Damai). There are 5 dalits (Damai) families so poor, no home, no land. With 5000 Euros. I would like to cover Dalits and our trekking staffs who worked with you.

Name of your Trekking Staffs:
01. Kalu Tamang from Bolde, Timal, your cook in Mustang, he had operation of head before 3 months, he had spent a lot of money in hospital and he is old now and he can not do trek because of this problem
02. Bhim Lama from Bolde, Timal, our assistant guide, his home had totally damaged, you know him very well. Now, he is learning French and Group of Pascal willing to help him for French course.
03.  Bhim Lama from Mechhe, Timal..., very poor too, he is also victim in earthquake.
04.  Bircha Sing from Labse, Timal, very old, short but strong  porter who accompanied you in 5 cols annapurna, Rolwaling-Lukla, Mustang
05. Chandradoj Tamang from Chukha, Timal, who was your porter in Mustang, his wife was badly injured in earthquake,
06. Dhawa Lama from Deurali, Kavre, who was your kitchen boy in most of the treks,
07. Gaj Lal Tamang from Bhanjyang, Bolde Phediche, Timal, who was your porter in Mustang

Names of Dalits from Bolde Phediche:
01. Maila Damai known as Mukhiya Damai in village, always he survives with begging to the people...very land
02. Saila Damai, he has no home no land but living in Bolde since long, married with Damai lady from Bolde...
03. Kumar Damai, handicaped, very poor, little land but no home
04. Ram Chandra Damai, very poor, little land no home
05. Shankar Damai known as Ghante Damai in village, little land but no home.

Our calculation and decisions are: 
7 trekking staffs 250000 it means 35721 NRS each
5 Dalits 250000 it means 50000 NRS each

How do you think our decisions ?? Now, you can transfer 5000 Euros today or tomorrow. Me, Sunil Kumar Lama coordinator of Trekking staffs and Bhakta Lama local coordinator will call them together and distribute money together in this week and we take photos for the evidence and we will send you. 

You can continue to collect donations there. We will utilize no problem. We are working for victims. We don't have negative intentions. We are so clear in such matter. We have big heart not like others. Thank you Pierre.

Your's kind 

Chhetup Tamang


[Chhetup TAMANG - 9 décembre 2015]

Hello Pierre,
Here I have attached you some photos, I have given money for some staffs today. A photo with red jacket is cousin of Kalu because he is sick in village. His cousin will give him money. I talked to Kalu in phone. I have divided for 10 staffs of Mustang who were with you during earth quake  including Jayram, Sunil and Prabin. All Mustang staffs listen Pierre has sent money. They said they need all. All are victims. I could not do discriminate among them. For me all is equal. I gave them 21500 each. They will buy some zincs for roof top.
Today, I gave for Kalu, Sunil, Jayram, Bircha, Gaja Lal, Dhawa, Chandradoj, Now, tomorrow or afterwards  for Bhim, Bhim Mechhe, Prabin. Then, 6 dalits families arrive on 11 December. I keep send you photos of giving money and also the houses and their recent living condition. I said them to send me photos from Facebook or Viber. But most of them, they don't have mobile, you know that they are poor and not internet connection all the time. They need assist of other people from village. I hope, photos will come soon.


[Chhetup TAMANG - 12 décembre 2015]
Message de Chhetup à tous les donateurs :

Namaste Bonjour tous les donateurs,
Ci jointe les photos de distributions aux victimes (10 guides, cuisiniers et porteurs qui étaient au Mustang avec Pierre Martin pendant dernières séismes  et 6 familles dalits damai  bas caste du mon village qui n'ont pas de maisons) de séismes au Népal. J'ai distribué 4300 Euros. Cette somme d'argents a été envoyé par Pierre Martin, Président de l'association Reconstruction Bolde Phediche. Avec cet argent, ils vont acheter les zincs et les matériaux pour ses reconstructions. Je vous remercie beaucoup pour vos actions solidaires.
J'attends votre reponse.
Chhetup TAMANG


[Chhetup TAMANG - 12 décembre 2015]

Now, 6 dalits also took their money and they gonna buy zinc. Bhim from Mechhe is missing.He will know soon. I sent news with Bircha and Prabin. I will give him 21500 group money + 8500 your personal money. I am keeping his money. You can see the photos. All villagers are happy while we divided money for dalits first time.


[Chhetup TAMANG - 12 décembre 2015]
Bhim arrived and i gave him... he is happy.


Vous trouverez dans le document PDF téléchageable en cliquant sur la photo ci-dessous quelques clichés pris lors de la remise des dons aux premiers bénéficiaires de vos gestes dans le bureau de Chhetup à Katmandou.

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